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An endless road

It does not mean “training for a lifetime”- It means “I can't finish the training easily.” 

The only barrier beyond is to convince my master and senior apprentice. In other words, it is a “diploma”.

You don't have to worry about getting it right, but you can continue to provide benefits.

There are many people, each with their own thoughts. For my master,the most important thing was the store manager who made the “sales”. My senior apprentice are well aware of the circumstances around this, and will gently teach me our master's character and past behavior patterns.

One day, After my work I told to my master, “I want to start preparations for opening a business in the inland area(Main Island)”, and he replied, “Oh, right?” “tell me later”

“It's a disheartened acknowledgement” that was my impression.

From that day on, I will continue to work as a manager while making a business plan, but it is difficult because I’m a “playing manager” . “Open all year round, 10:00-closes at 22:00”, after a long day , I start to spent the end of day in writing a business plan, where I ended up in falling asleep and getting up in the morning, that was my days.

I steadily filled the space on the business plan and talked over the phone along with the store report. 

It was a good opportunity to show my seriousness. Eventually, I hears the word “I want to give you the store” through the handset from my master.

○ Failure at this point ○

・ I did not understand the importance of “exit strategy”

After training

In conclusion, “I'm going to give you the store” followed by “I think you're my son” was also a way to keep it. After that, I didn't really receive a transparent series of remarks, but I could imagine the scheme of “force action = leading to excommunication”, so I decided to keep the store manager for six months.

During this time, we will be working on handover personnel, but our master may have been worried about it. He was contacted by the head office to turn to senior apprentice on his support.

I gradually conveyed my desire to open a shop in the inland area when the hot weather cooled down, and finally I was convinced (or persuaded) that “the training should be completed as soon as the handover system was over”.

I heard from senior apprentice, “If you can't stop, I'll talk about selling the whole set in the last 2-3 million. Why don't you go to the store there?”, But I didn't go there.

Do you know why? I wanted to do it myself, but the main reason was that I wanted to get away from the cunning exchanges within my master and senior apprentice.


○ Failure at this point ○

・ Actually, “a big turning point” was in this moment

・ I think it was good to take a big detour to open a business in Honshu(The main land)

The Opening plan

Let's look back at the actual opening plan.

I have 2 million money, which is not enough and I need to get a loan.

The first thing I thought was that the Japan Finance Corporation(is a public corporation that provides financial services in Japan) is better to get a loan. fortunately, it was close the corporation, so I heard that the application and examination was going to be done at the Japan Finance Corporation, which is close to the opening area.

By that time, I had no knowledge on anything about banks and loans, it was embarrassing to go to a megabank window to ask if I could lend.

Normally, you should not assume that a bank lends itself (proper financing).

In that case, it will be linked with the Guarantee Association, so there will be two places to talk about.

From the above viewpoint, I think it would be better if the first loan is with JFC.

Also, if you mention the actual amount of the loan of the Japan Finance Corporation = up to 10 times the down payment, it is a good 2.5 times.

It depends on the type of business and various conditions, but I got the answer that isn't that much considering the years of experience and down payment. In other words, you can open your own business with 2 million on hand and 5 million loan disbursements, which is 7 million in total.


As a special case, creating a plan in a remote location like me is more difficult.

Plans need to be specific and cannot be passed under fictitious opening conditions.

Items that must be determined at this point include “tenant application”, “estimate of contractor”, and “supplier”. In other words, the person who says, “I'm going to get a loan from now on” attaches a contact to each company in the local area (in my case, Hokkaido → Kyoto) as described below, and gets a trust certificate and leads to the “copy of application form ”,“ Quotation ”and other documents must be issued.

To be precise, it is when the business plan is completed -finally at the time of submission- but of course, before submitting, it is better to consult with them [JFC]  if this is acceptable (although it is a different matter)

The essence of submitting a business plan is that people who can't not think nor act continuously with thoughts and behaviors can not overcome the wall, that means; quitters.

Paradoxically, even if you are strategically reckless, it is judged that the risk is relatively small and the risk is low, and if you fill in the necessary requirements, there is a possibility that the loan will be passed.

I think this was my case; It's an ironic story, but I was  a “strategically reckless person” with the same motivation, energy, and patience.


○ Failure at this point ○

・ Does not mean “passed the business plan” is same to “succeed in business”

・ I think now that inability to overcome difficulties is also a problem

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