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Voluntary liquidation or Personal bankruptcy

After deciding to close the shop, I kept telling people around me about it.

I did it to make it impossible to retract, and I thought that a half-standing position would be an inconvenience.

There were various reactions such as “Oh, Really ?” and “I thought so”, but in the end it became a task to convey it plainly.


“I close the store. Because of unfortunate sales.”


At first I made an excuse, but as I made excuses repeatedly, I started to feel averted.

When you have a loan and quit your business, you must discuss future repayments with the borrower.

Specifically, you should select one from the four methods for repayments(In case of Japan): “Voluntary Liquidation” “Special Conciliations”  “Debt Settlement”  “Personal Bankruptcy”

I chose voluntary liquidation to explore the agreement with each creditor.


“Voluntary Liquidation”  is the first step.

If you agree on the discussion without using the court, we can proceed to this method.

There is a “claim requirement”, but in simple terms it is “whether or not it is bankruptcy”, so the reason I chose was this.

In other words, it’s means “I can pay it”.

There may be many people going with this.

But, the borrowers are desperate to prevent bad debts, and they want to secure their own profits such as “You have a lot of arrears from me, so pay it back before its due”  “How much can you pay each month?” “How many months does it take?” 

I don't know if it's customary, but in my case, I had two business borrowers waiting 6 months for repayment.

There is no reduction or exemption, and you will eventually get a full repayment.

You have to clear off each of the borrowers in the last six months.

By doing this, the number of challenges that can be attacked each month is reduced, and you can endure each month.

However, it is understandable that if you experience this kind of process, you will want to loathe the people of banks and public finance corporations.


The second is “Special Conciliations”.

If we can’t reach a settlement agreement, we will file a petition here with the court (summary court) for the first time.(here is the difference between “Voluntary Liquidation” and “Special Conciliations” )

Therefore,  “the legal nature” will mean “mediation”.

“Complaint requirement” will have the same meaning as “May not be unsettled”, but it commend on a certain repayment.

This is the method of choice for those who have the ability to pay and want to repay.

Also, I don't think the amount of borrowed money that I have is that much.


The third is “Debt Settlement”.

The petition is filed in the district court, and the court decides the legal nature.

I didn't know because the details weren't an option.

However, I feel like a method in the middle of the following “personal bankruptcy”.

Repayment of more than one-fifth of the total debt means “reduction”.

It seems that the house isn’t going to be confiscated.

Although, it seems that there is a long way to go since the requirements for establishment are agreed by the majority of creditors.


The fourth is “Personal Bankruptcy”.

There is a saying in this country that the result of the arrangement is the “exemption from payment obligation”.

This is one of the differences from personal debt settlement: if you have a property that isn’t the seizure of which is forbidden by law,it will be confiscated.

If there is a house, it will be confiscated,though.


Again, I didn’t have it as an option.

 if I couldn’t agree with the creditor in the specific mediation, I think I used this method,though.

The reason is simple: I want to finish it quickly

If these settlements are prolonged and the next step can’t be taken.

From the above options, I thought about “ Voluntary liquidation” ,and finally I chose voluntary liquidation.

I had the idea that it would be difficult, but I would return what I borrowed.


I think it's the  best to choose a way that I don't need to regret.

But I thought “Why not go bankrupt and run away from the debtor if you are going to die anyway?”.

The reason why I think of it, is because of the experience that the two people I knew died in the past due to financial problems.


However, it is a big mistake to say  that if you have gone bankrupt and you act like “ it never happened”, those on the legal side debtors are forced to make painful decisions.

The act of lending money has an interest in it, although there is nothing but good intentions unless it is commercialized, and it betrays those in good conviction.

Even if it is a company such as a bank, there is no doubt that it will be a damage to the lender(bank), there are a lot of  people who are working in the said company  which is the bank or consumer finance companies and there is no doubt that their lives will be affected behind the corporate activities.


Once I decided, I wanted to move forward without hesitation, so I went straight ahead.

I was wondering if I could run off the other  way again, but I moved along steadily.

The reason was that there were times when people who have never had this kind of situation talked or asked me about this.

When I listened to some stories, sometimes I thought: “After all, bankruptcy seems better” or “Would I lose more money with this option?”


I think that I'm just unsure about another person’s judgement,because currently, I have already borrowed more than 10 million yen, so I knew that it would be difficult to repay. 

Besides, I don't know what to do when something else doesn't work.

If you condemn others, your hatred and resentment will double.

On the other hand, if you have make a mistake in your decision, you “just have to regret” that you were stupid.


○ Failure at this point ○

・ If I asked a lawyer, my life as chef might have changed

・ If I asked a lawyer, maybe it was nourished

Organizing people, things, and money

I have been busy since I decided to close the store.

determined to  end my ramen shop management, I started to sort out what I had to do by then.

I haven't had any regular employees since the second store failed, so I introduced  the stores I know to the part-time workers.

If you think about it for a while, what about the part-time job that a broken store is introducing? 

Thinking from the other person's point of view, it looked very funny: “Are you pretending you are worried about people even though it is a failure, are you looking down on them?”.

After all, that was just self-satisfaction.

I thought the person who was introduced to me may have been annoying.


There were items that are sorted which  can be used to “sell the store to realtors”(in japanese is “Kyakuzuke”), “items that are disposed of”, “items that can be sold”, and “items that can be used in future life”.

For commercial rental properties, it is usual to apply for cancellation 6 months in advance, and a person like me who was lost at the time of withdrawal did not apply for cancellation 6 months in advance.

Therefore, you will be required to pay rent for 6 months after canceling the application, even if you are not using it.


As a solution, we will do “Own tenants by ourselves”.

Of course, the landlord also desperately turns over  because the rent income will be cut off, but if you rely on people, you cannot get good results.

Therefore, leave the equipment and fixtures, explain the “points of interest to the viewers” and ask them to rent them.


When the countdown to the store closing began, many customers came.

If you close the shop after the last day, you don't have to open it tomorrow.

And when I had the time to be alone, I felt that management was lonely, but I felt that I was connected with various people such as employees, business partners, banks, public finance corporations, customers.

Business management has a close relationship with society, but the manager feels lonely.

I thought it was a strange phenomenon.


○ Failure at this point ○

・ Should it be better to remain silent as a way of leaving the unfortunate person?

・ Maybe I feel lonely because I like loneliness

What to do from now on

It is necessary to secure the future’s housing and work , as closing down and organizing people, goods, and money, and at the same time.

Up to this point, there may be various people's invitations for a new job, but I recommend that you don't easily follow those people and decide on a job and a residence before deciding on your future.


“So why?”

There are some people who say to me, “You have a lot of skills and experience”, and they invite me to work with them. However, I think there are many cases where or “who was invited” did not go as they expected.

If your residence and workplace depended on “The person who invited” you at that time, it would be very difficult to get out of there.

Therefore, you should not neglect to listen to the person who gives you a helping hand while examining the condition even if it looks like a helper ship, and then board the ship.

It is quite possible that once you board the ship, the captain may change the direction from “Niigata” to “Khabarovsk”.

So please be careful.


And if you are fine, you can do most things.

First of all, I think it’s important to recover from a mental state.

People who die by debt aren’t for “the amount of money”, but I think that they are in the stage of “loneliness” or “The relationship with other people is weak(social isolation)” and that goes to the next stage “I’m not important in the society(anxiety)”.

It's okay if you have some kind of obsession, so why don't you try to be obsessive with money or something?

In my case, I still have a motive to move forward:There are many things I want to do

It also comes with a desire to earn a lot of money.

At this point, I think there are many negative feelings such as dissatisfaction and distrust in the capitalist society.

“Playback” starts when you decide to restart your life again.

No matter how hard life is, Never lose hope and keep moving forward.


Sometimes I remind myself of  the things from those days.

I thought I had changed after I closed the shop, but it seems that something hasn't  changed.

Two years have passed, but I only think that “it's just two years” have passed.

If you fail once and calmly look at the management index data of TKC(It’s a business analyses and statistics company), you can see which industries are easy to make a profit and which are hard to make a profit.

I was ignorant in that moment, but I think there was a reason, why I choose a “ramen shop”, or a restaurant business, or Hokkaido,


Until then, “justification with a reason” is up to that point, but it can’t be helped because the past hasn't  changed.

In any case, I think there is no other option but to choose the method that you will not regret.

This site mainly describes “how to have feelings” when you have fallen, and “a way to do it at that time” instead of  “how” and “how to do”.

As I mentioned at the beginning, this is “my experience” and not the story  of those who visited, but I hope that it will be a help to those who follow the same way I passed.


In Japan, about 3,000 ramen shops are opened every year,

About the same number will go out of business.


○ Failure of these 8 years ○

・ I don't recommend that people who don’t have enough money  to do food business and ramen shops in japan.

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