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How I failed in a ramen shop business



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Know more about failed cases than successful ones

不都合な真実を伝える為です。  楽になってきた今、過去の自分を救う清算作業でもあります。
Site objective

To tell the bitter truth.

Now that it has become easier for me,it is also to bury and save myself from the past.

サラリーマンに向いてないと思ってる人。  ラーメン屋を開業したいと思っている人。  ​ラーメン屋をしていて潰れそうな人。
Suitable for such people

People who are not good enough for office work.

A person who wants to open  a ramen shop.

People who run a ramen shop and are prone to bankruptcy.

100%私の経験談ですが、これはあなたの正解ではありません。  自分の真実は自身で見つけて下さい。

It's 100% my experience, but this isn't your "answer".

Find your own truth. 

It is made of 99% failureand 1% success.

What is certain is that the result is everything

If you were successful, I wouldn't have created such a website like this.

If you’re looking at this site, you're more likely to be looking for someone who runs a ramen shop with deep distress or those who went out of business.

Why I think so; because that was my case.

Every year about “3000 ramen shops” are shut down in Japan.


Dedicated to tough,amiable and unlearned challengers.

A story that several people didn’t know about on a failed self-employed person who failed and closed the ramen shop. 

“What should I do now, what will I do in the future.”

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